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2017-04-21 17:31:54 UTC
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Hello Everybody,

As you know, Gamers Alliance is the international gaming network. Our
perspective on games is a different one as, since 1986, we have been
featuring the newest and best games on the market today in our quarterly
publication, Gamers Alliance Report, the longest running English language
game review publication in the world! With the new Spring 2017 issue online,
, we are making last year's issue (Spring 2016) available FREE FOR EVERYONE
on our site.

The Spring 2016 issue is filled with first quality game reviews from the
finest writers on games in the world. Check out our takes on Abraca.what??,
Adventure Land, Dojo Kun, The Grizzled, Karuba, King's Abbey, T.I.M.E.
Stories, Warfighter and more written by knowledgeable gamers such as Eric
Brosius, Joe Huber, Chris Kovac, Andrea "Liga" Ligabue, Chantal Noordeloos,
Pevan, Greg J. Schloesser - and me!

If you think you might be interested in taking a look, simply go to
<http://www.gamersalliance.com> www.gamersalliance.com and dive right in;
The Spring 2016 issue is right on the first page.

Enjoy your visit!
Herb Levy
Gamers Alliance
<mailto:***@gamersalliance.com> ***@gamersalliance.com
<http://www.gamersalliance.com> www.gamersalliance.com

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