2000 Retrospective Results
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huzonfirst@comcast.net [spielfrieks]
2017-09-12 03:34:44 UTC
The 2000 election is over, after 50 people made their opinions known. Here are the top 10 finishers, together with their vote totals. The rank during the original election is provided in parentheses; if a dash is shown, it means that the game wasn't one of the top 11 back then; if a "n/a" is shown, then the game wasn't nominated originally.

1. The Princes of Florence - 30 (1)
2. Carcassonne - 18 (2)
3. Taj Mahal - 16 (4)
4. Lord of the Rings - 12 (7)
4. Traumfabrik - 12 (9)
6. Web of Power - 11 (8)
7. Battle Line - 8 (n/a)
7. Star Wars: Queen's Gambit - 8 (--)
9. Battle Cry - 5 (5)
9. La Citta - 5 (5)

As more than one person noted, there were a lot of great games that year and some very notable ones were pushed down the list. For example, in another year, Web of Power might have battled for the top spot, but in '00, it could only finish 6th. Princes was the big winner, showing that among the 'frieks, at least, it is still much beloved. Carc was able to hold its position from the original election and Knizia's Taj Mahal was able to climb up one spot and round out the top 3. As you can see, Reiner's greatness during this period is clearly evident, as he has three games in the top 5 and a fourth in the top 10.

One game crashed pretty hard and somewhat surprisingly, it's Citadels, which went from an MCA award winner (finishing third originally) to only 13th this time around, garnering a mere 3 votes. I would have thought it would have retained its popularity better than that, but it might have just been the victim of all those other great games on the ballot.

In fact, all those strong games meant there were fewer votes for the fringe titles. Consequently, 10 of the 30 designs got shut out, including Attila, Babel, Carolus Magnus, Dia de los Muertos, Empires of the Ancient World, Hera & Zeus, Ivanhoe, Java, Merchants of Amsterdam, and Zapp Zerapp. It wouldn't surprise me if there were other cases similar to mine, where I wasn't able to vote for my beloved Babel, because there were three other games slightly better than it.

So what did you think of this strong year? Did you also have games you had to reluctantly leave off your ballot?