2001 Results
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huzonfirst@comcast.net [spielfrieks]
2017-09-05 21:45:46 UTC
I've shut down the voting for 2001. 51 intrepid 'frieks voted and here are the top 10 finishers, together with their vote totals. The rank during the original election is provided in parentheses; if a dash is shown, it means that the game wasn't one of the top 11 back then; if a "n/a" is shown, then the game wasn't nominated originally.

1. Royal Turf - 21 (3)
2. Funkenschlag - 17 (5)
3. San Marco - 12 (1)
4. The Traders of Genoa - 11 (7)
5. Hive - 9 (n/a)
6. Evo - 8 (11)
6. Wyatt Earp - 8 (2)
8. Flower Power - 7 (--)
8. Liberte - 7 (7)
10. Medina - 6 (9)

On the face of it, it doesn't look as if too much changed, but there are still some interesting results. In the original election, Royal Turf (aka Winner's Circle) barely beat out Capitol for the third spot, but this time around, it finished first by a comfortable margin. Funkenschlag's original fifth place finish was impressive, given its tiny print run, but given the popularity of its replacement, Power Grid, and the fact that a huge number of gamers haven't even heard of Funk, much less ever played it, I find it's second place finish quite surprising. Maybe a bunch of you are like me--in love with the original game, even though you never expect to play it again. Finally, I would have thought that San Marco would have been a more popular pick, instead of barely nudging out Genoa, which I wasn't sure was still played that much, but obviously is still quite well liked.

The big loser was Wyatt Earp, which went from an award-winning second place to sixth. Capitol finished 11th, also a significant drop from 4th, but frankly I wasn't sure it would even do as well as it did, as it's rarely mentioned anymore (I'm delighted with the results, as it's one of my favorites from the year). Finally, Volldampf originally finished 5th, but only got 2 votes this time around, no doubt due to there being more elaborate and attractive Wallace games these days from the same family.

26 of the 29 games got at least one vote. Only Dragon's Gold, Risk 2210, and Urland were shut out.

Did you find any surprises in the results? Let us know!