Voting for 1997 Retrospective is Open!
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huzonfirst@comcast.net [spielfrieks]
2017-09-14 14:09:40 UTC
We're ready to start the '97 election. Here are the nominated games:

Bohnanza Caesar & Cleopatra Canyon Die Macher For Sale Fresh Fish Halunken & Spelunken Lowenherz Manitou Mississippi Queen Mole Hill Njet! Pico 2 Power Play Quoridor Showmanager Sternenhimmel Svea Rike Take It Easy The Settlers of Catan Cardgame Tigris & Euphrates Titan: the Arena Twilight Twilight Imperium Ursuppe Volle Hutte Was Sticht!

As usual, go to http://meepleschoice.win/ and pick 3 or fewer games. I'll shut things down on Monday and announce the winners. Have fun during your 20 year time travel!