1000 days of spielfrieks on Yahoo Groups?
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richard@trouty.com [spielfrieks]
2017-07-19 11:40:11 UTC
I receive the digest copy of spielfrieks. My last was numbered #999. Happy 1000!

I guess that means spielfrieks is celebrating 1000 days on Yahoo Groups?
huzonfirst@comcast.net [spielfrieks]
2017-07-19 16:57:58 UTC
I think people may be reacting to the Spielfriek digests which were just delivered.

Unfortunately, the period for nominating and seconding games for the 2012 retrospective is over. Now is the time for voting! If you haven't voted already, head to http://meepleschoice.win http://meepleschoice.win, click on the Vote button, and select your three favorite games from that year. I'll announce the results this Friday. Thanks!